My abs+SMALLER waist ⌛HOURGLASS beginner workout routine | 15 min, No equipment / OppServe

My abs+SMALLER waist ⌛HOURGLASS beginner workout routine | 15 min, No equipment / OppServe

April 14, 2022 Off By bloggersupreme

Hey loves, it’s Juliana here! As requested, I’m finally dropping my workout routine!!! I started seeing changes on my belly after doing the workout for 1-2 weeks, without changing much of my food choices. (I did STOP binge-eating tho!! My original diet varies a lot, ranging from varieties of junk food to fruits, the hardest thing that I found was controlling the amount of my food intake. I was really bloated from non-stop eating, as you can see on the left).

After a week of pushing myself daily tho, my urge eating (excessively) reduced SO MUCH every time after working out somehow (it’s probably sth psychological, my mind is telling me not to let all those effort go wasted haha), I am NOW trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle and diet, might as well show u guys the result soon!!

I also became much more active daily because working out has made me more energetic xd
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