How To Use A Weightlifting Belt (IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

How To Use A Weightlifting Belt (IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

March 24, 2022 Off By bloggersupreme

When most use a weightlifting belt, they do so incorrectly. Ask yourself if this scene sounds familiar. You look towards the squat rack and see an athlete struggling with all their might to fasten their belt as tightly around their stomachs as possible as if they are donning an 18th century corset.

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Proper use of a belt is much more than just wearing it tightly around your stomach! In order to properly use a belt, you must breathe “into the belt”. If you only cinch it tight, you miss out on the benefits the belt has to offer. Always think about expanding your stomach into the belt and then bracing against it.

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