How to take care and wash your steel boned corsets? (No rust here)

How to take care and wash your steel boned corsets? (No rust here)

March 4, 2022 Off By bloggersupreme

A must watch video if you ever head you can’t wash corsets because they have steel boning! Must watch if you hear vodka is enough to clean corsets!
Watch and learn more how to take care of your corsets AND how to WASH THEM!
Dirt, stench and rust free!!!

00:00 Greetings!
00:39 Popular corset care myth – Washing a corset will make steel boning it rust!
What is rust?
1:28 Popular corset care myth – Use vodka to clean corsets/garments!
Alcohol disinfecting abilities

Why Is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) a Better Disinfectant than 99% Isopropanol, and What Is IPA Used For?

02:25 What works?
03:35 Maintaining the corset while wearing
05:45 Taking care of the corset after wear
06:20 Storing corsets
07:20 Using alcohol for corset maintenance
(soak the corset well)
Alcohol use in perfume making
10:28 Things that effect corset washing method
10:50 Fiber content
11:57 Stain sources
Stain removal list by stain source
12:48 Corset decorative elements
13:45 Dry cleaning corsets
More on dry cleaning
16:33 Hand-washing corsets
16:57 Presenting corset I’ll wash
Free corset pattern LOLITA

Corset Underbust Lolita

Free corset pattern IRIS

Corset Underbust Edwardian IRIS

18:20 Tools for hand-washing your corset
18:38 Preparing corsets for washing
19:50 Preparing our bucket of water
21:18 Washing process – Green corset LOLITA
26:22 Washing process – Pink corset IRIS
28:25 Preparing corsets for rinsing
29:15 Washing corset laces
31:00 Rinsing corset laces
32:00 Rinsing corsets
33:25 Towel drying corsets
36:43 Good corset drying environment
37:07 Corsets doing nothing… just handing in there
37:20 Comparison between dirty and clean corsets
37:32 Wearing the freshly cleaned corset IRIS
37:55 Good bye!

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