Health Risk  Before You Buy a Waist Trainer WATCH THIS

Health Risk Before You Buy a Waist Trainer WATCH THIS

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Health RiskBefore You Buy a waist trainer this Waist trainers are staple items in many closets. Waist trainers are quick fix to get a snatched waist ⏳ Waist trainers also give a boost in confidence, but do you know the health risks associated with wearing a waist trainer?
0:00 Intro
0:31 Brief History of Waist Trainer
0:52 Waist trainer + pictures
2:22 Waist Trainer and Acid Reflux
3:15 Pros of wearing A Waist Trainer
3:46 Cons of wearing A Waist Trainer
5:12 Waist Trainer Health Risk Explained

What have your experience been with waist training?

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